About EMFM

‘GMT+2 and GMT+8
Moonlight and Sunshine
Afternoon and Morning
Eftermiddag och Formiddag’

Minimising limitations of time, ‘EMFM’ is a mark of memory for current timezone and that of my origin.

‘Hej! I am Sui.’

I am a multidisciplinary Hong Kong artist who is based in Stockholm and running around in London every once in a while. I focus on translating words, music, poetry into visual languages.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I’ve been immersing myself in a diverse cultural background. Museums, cinemas, safe spaces with good books and music are my shelters for a quick escape.

I like to respond to topics about humanity, gender equality, identity and belongings with my work and experiments. While keeping up the artistic qualities, I constantly remind myself to stay open-hearted and create with compassion.

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