The performance is an exploration of language and identity, where the audience is invited on an outsider journey.

It is audiovisual poetry and an undelivered letter to home about the unspeakable.

Coming from different countries, María-Carmela and Sui have been drifting in the foreign waters and eventually anchored on Nordic shores.

Meeting via Nordic Lights at Haihatus, they shared their stories and thoughts being strangers in a foreign land.

They started this audiovisual experiment with sound, multilingual poetry, and visual materials gathered and created throughout their journey.

To experiment and raise discussions about language, identity and foreigness, the multilingual performance is intentionally presented without subtitles, everyone in the audience are encouraged to help each other with languages they know.

The audience are also invited to use mobile camera translators for an interactive experience.
Apr-Oct 2022
Aavistus Festival
WHS Teatteri Union, Helsinki

Music: María-Carmela Raso

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